Tuesday, March 24, 2020

6 black sesame healing benefits

Does consuming black sesame has any effect? What does a black sesame cure? here are 6 healing effects of using black sesame to cure that will surprise you.

What is black sesame? According to traditional medicine, black sesame has a sweet taste, is calculated on average, has the effect of nourishing blood, laxative, tonic, damaged, beneficial qi, durable tendons, good eyesight, more intelligent, external treatment swelling, burns, and boils ... In addition, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil are used to treat constipation and enhance nutrition.

Eating black sesame has any effect? Black sesame is usually used to heal some of the following diseases:

black sesame healing benefits

1. Keep skin beautiful and long-lasting hair:

Black sesame seeds 500g dried, stars ripe, powdered, put in a clean jar to use. When consuming, put 1-2 tablespoons of sesame powder in a bowl, add sugar according to taste (if there is alum sugar as possible), pour boiling water into stirring into tea.

 Sesame black tea should be consumed when it is done then, eat it continuously for several days has a very great effect on the skin, hair; Young people could stay attractive for a long time, recover from dry cough and constipation.

2. Relieve bloating

Abdominal distention caused by the patient feels lumpy, after every meal is full of stomach, bloating with undigested squash): Take the crushed black sesame to cook porridge and put in a dry tangerine peel. When consuming a little seasoning salt to taste. Eating it a few times will be enough to deal with the problem.

3. Curing pregnant women who lack milk.

Step1: Get 30g of crushed black sesame; Along with ordinary rice (about 50-60g) put in water to cook like porridge. This soup is both beneficial for milk, laxative, proper for postpartum women with constipation, and not enough milk for breastfeeding.

Step 2: Crushed sesame seeds 30g, crushed dried roasted silkworm 10g (possibly in this ratio as much, preserved well for gradual use). Both 2 things mixed with red sugar (just taste), pour boiling water, cover tightly, after 10 minutes, then drink. Drink once a day when you're hungry. Only 2 days for milk to start, after 4 days, the milk is even and enough for breastfeeding.

4. Cure chronic rhinitis:

Take a little sesame oil and bring to a boil, keep it low to simmer for 15 minutes. When cool, pour the oil into a clean, well-stoppered bottle. 3 times a day small: at first only 2-3 drops, when used, it increased to 4-5 drops. After installation, do not move vigorously for 2-3 minutes, spreading the oil thoroughly absorbed into the nasal mucosa. Use after 2 weeks will cure chronic rhinitis.

5. Relieve limb aches and pains:

This is caused by low heat infiltration, which causes limb aches and pains. Remedy: take 40g of black sesame seeds, roasted with aroma, spread flour, pour in 40g of alcohol, soak for one night, divide and drink several times, the disease will gradually reduce and cure.

6. Cure constipation:

Step 1: 200g black sesame, red knotweed, goji berries, longan, mourning mulberry (mulberry), martyrs (nutmeg) each 100g, honey just enough. Powdered into tablets, 10-20 tablets daily, can be used in the appropriate dosage form of decoction.

Step 2: Black sesame, great apple, cross-frame, dong Quai, bachelor's death, 8g each. Field, white dahlia 12g each. All for warm drinking on a ladder.

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