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Best Drinks To Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat is the enemy of women and all of them want to reduce it to have a slim and toned waist. Not only exercise but also teas, herbal water also helps reduce belly fat very well. Do you desire to know what to drink to reduce belly fat? Discover it now!

Best Drinks To Reduce Belly Fat

Abdominal fat is often very "stubborn"?

The biggest difficulty of many women is reducing belly fat. The belly area is full of stubborn adipose tissue, which is 2 types of fat: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Many people can lose weight but suffer to lose belly fat.

 Some women are thin, small limbs but belly fat is still "wavering" in an obnoxious way. Especially in the office, you sit to work.

The reason is that fat is often concentrated in the visceral and hip area but the process of breaking down fat to make energy for the body to function is less impact on this fat area. 

Abdominal exercises, diet, fasting ... probably all work on your waist measurement. However, what if there is a safe and simple solution to solve this problem? 

There are a lot of drinks that you can drink to reduce belly fat. so what is the best drink to reduce belly fat, and to achieve the ideal for you're hoping to have?

Best drinks to reduce belly fat

What should you drink to reduce belly fat? This question is being asked by many women. Here are the drinks that have become a secret to reduce the belly fat success of many people.

1. Cucumber juice, aloe vera, and coriander

You are wondering what kind of drink to reduce belly fat at home? Don't miss this juice made from cucumbers and vegetables. This drink is high in water, high in fiber, low in calories, and as a substance for digestion.

Ingredients: 1 cucumber (cucumber), 1 lemon juice, 1 spoon of aloe vera juice or freshly peeled aloe vera, 1 handful of parsley or parsley, 1 small ginger wash clean, slice and 1 cup of water about 200ml.

How to: Put all of these ingredients in a blender or juicer and strain out the juice. Divide into 2 servings in the evening 1 hour before bedtime. Left to cool in the fridge so you can drink it the next morning, after waking up. 

Note, after taken out from the refrigerator should not drink it immediately, wait a while because consuming it cold will not be good for your stomach.

Cucumber, parsley, ginger, lemon juice, aloe vera are all foods rich in vitamins, rich in antioxidants, high in minerals, and low in calories. Drinking this weight loss drink constantly and regularly will help your body have more energy, regulate blood sugar. At the same time, it also helps balance the bacteria in the intestinal tract, support better digestion, prevent the accumulation of fat and abdominal fat.

2. Honey ginger lemon tea

Best Drinks To Reduce Belly Fat

The second recommended drink is honey-lemon ginger tea,  which will help you reduce belly fat

Ingredients are available in any family's kitchen, which is fresh lemon, ginger, honey.

Lemons are acidic, help burn fat effectively while purifying the body, eliminating toxins. Ginger is warm, contains many useful compounds that help boost metabolism, b, burn energy, and limit the accumulation of belly fat. The sweetness of honey does not accumulate fat but makes you feel full, reduces hunger, and limits the intake of more foods.

How to make honey ginger lemon tea as follows:

Ingredients: 1 fresh lemon, 1 small ginger, 2 spoons of honey, and 1 liter of water

Method: Lemon juice, squeezed juice, remove seeds, and peel. Ginger scrapes clean and then crushed or pureed. Put in 1 liter of water, bring ginger to boil. Simmer for 20-30 minutes to get ginger essence.

 Wait for the water to cool down, take a sieve, or put it in a filter bag, filter out all the residue, collect ginger water. Add lemon juice and honey and stir well. Then put in the refrigerator.

After each evening, after eating for about 2 hours and 1 hour before going to bed, you drink a glass of about 200ml of this water.

 In the morning, after eating 1-2 hours you can also consume this drink to get rid of your belly fat. With 1 liter of this drink, you drink in about 2-3 days. 

Apply this method for about 2 weeks, you will see unexpected changes in your waist.

3. Apple cider vinegar juice and honey

Pure apple cider vinegar is an excellent food for prevention and cure, not only that it also works to lose weight. Apple cider vinegar contains many amino acids, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, and beneficial enzymes that promote better digestion. Using apple cider vinegar enhances digestion, improves digestive problems such as bloating and indigestion.

Best Drinks To Reduce Belly Fat

The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar has been shown to help prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat and liver lipids, reducing visceral fat.

 The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps reduce your appetite, boosts metabolism, and reduces water retention. Using apple cider vinegar to lose weight is a scientific and safe way to do it.

Combining apple cider vinegar with lemon and honey makes a perfect weight loss beverage formula. How to do the following:

Ingredients: 1 cup of warm water, 1 spoon of lemon juice, 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 spoon of honey, and 1 bit of cayenne pepper.

Method: Add apple cider vinegar to warm water, followed by lemon juice, honey, and cayenne pepper powder.

Drinking this glass of water 30 minutes before meals are used continuously for about 3-4 weeks.

Note: apple cider vinegar is highly acidic so do not drink pure apple cider vinegar, as it will damage tooth enamel, damage to the esophagus, and stomach. 

People with a history of stomach pain or gastroesophageal reflux should not use this drink.

Note when using drinks to reduce belly fat

It's hard to determine which drink helps to lose weight the fastest, right? You can pick one of the three drinks above or flexibly to change to choose the type of drink that suits your taste. 

However, for these drinks to take effect, you need to note the following issues:

- These types of drinks only work if you perform repeatedly, right dosage, and perseverance. If you only drink 1-2 times and do not see any changes that you think it is not effective and quit, your journey to reduce belly fat will not be successful.

 In contrast, the fact that if you drink too much, continuously, exceeding the recommended dosage that will be harmful to the stomach, liver, kidneys, heart ...

- Along with drinking these types of drinks, your diet is extremely important. All types of weight loss drinks will become insignificant if you don't follow your diet. 

Besides, you need to be more active, and practice more, to get the results you're hoping for.

- If you have some stomach, colon, or other digestive problems, it should not be used, avoid making your problem more serious.

Above are the best drinks that answer the question of many women what they drink to reduce belly fat. I wish you soon have the desired waist!

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